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Can Laurus really help my child?
Want to know how it works? Just click the box above to watch the video!
The program was created by Arizona high school math teachers with over 100 years of teaching math in the classroom.
  • Data shows a 24% increase in pre and post-test scores in the program
  • Students who have previously failed the AIMS at least once, passed when using Laurus
  • Teachers and students alike have seen dramatic improvement in math skills. See Testimonials
  • Laurus uses real world examples and "student-friendly" language to help engage the student
  • The people at Laurus live and breathe creating an effective program that offers the maximum benefit to the students who use it
  • High schools across the state rely on Laurus as their main program for helping students prepare for the AIMS
Join the over 30,000 students that have used Laurus to help pass the AIMS Test!
How does it work?
For the cost of just a couple hours of tutoring, you get:
  • Over 60 hours of lessons
  • Audio and Visual engagement to keep student attention
  • Sample problems worked out step by step
    Printable Lessons
  • Real-world examples used in each lesson
  • Written in student-friendly language
  • Topics broken down step-by-step
    Review Problems
  • AIMS-like questions for unlimited practice
  • Feedback provided instantly for each problem
  • Explanations of correct answers given for every problem
    Practice Quizzes
  • Test bank of thousands of questions
  • Immediate results of scores provided
  • 5, 10 and 15 question quizzes created on Arizona Math Standards
Is this program specifically designed to help my student with the AIMS test?
Most definitely! Laurus Math was created by Arizona high school math teachers using the Arizona Math Standards. Since the AIMS test only pulls questions specifically from the AZ Math Standards, Laurus Math definitely prepares students for the AIMS test.
  • Unlimited 50 Question AIMS practice quiz using the AIMS blueprint
  • Color-coded feedback according to AIMS scoring categories
  • Lessons are set up by AZ math standards, (exactly as the state puts them in the test), so the program is not simply general math topics, but exactly what is included in the test
  • 24/7 access to program, anywhere there is internet
  • Feedback on areas needing improvement and areas of mastery
  • Students can use the features they like best for their learning style
What else should I know about the AIMS test?
There are a lot of questions about the AIMS test. We will answer a few of the most common questions.
Is it possible my student cannot graduate if he or she does not pass the AIMS test?
Students have multiple chances to retake the test, and will know when it is their "last attempt." Schools do not want to see students not able to graduate because of this, and most are working hard to offer support and additional opportunities to practice and learn for students in this situation.
Does the AIMS test cover new standards?
The AIMS test will cover the 2008 AZ Math Standards through the 2013-2014 school year. For the 2014-2015 school year, the new 2010 AZ Math Standards, which include the Common Core Standards will be assessed.
Is the AIMS test eventually going away?
The AIMS test is scheduled to be replaced by the PARCC assessment during the 2014-2015 school year. LaurusSoft is constantly working to stay current with what is happening with the implementation of the Common Core Standards and the PARCC assessment. If you would like to stay informed with what is going on with the state math standards, feel free to sign up fro our newsletter below.
Do you have any tips to help my child prepare for AIMS?
Laurus offers a complete section on test taking strategies. These include printable tips and videos, providing students with cutting edge techniques to help them prepare for the big test.
The teachers who created Laurus know that confidence and nerves can have an impact on test performance, even when students know the material. Here are four basic strategies that students need to practice before the test:
  • Be sure to over-study for the exam.
  • Learn how to use positive self-talk.
  • Practice visualization techniques.
  • Practice relaxation techniques.

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